Simple Git Workflow With Two Branches


There are two main branches, Master and Deploy. Master contains the usable scripts and develop should contain working scripts.

One question that might arise is, why there is a Master and Develop branch? The reasoning for this is multiple people may be working on deploy scripts at one time. Having the develop branch allows users to commit updates and pull down each others changes before commiting all changes to the Master branch. This also ensures that the Master branch is stable


The normal workflow for this repository should be the following

Working on deploy scripts

  1. Create a new feature branch related to the updates you are adding (f_feature_name)
  2. Checkout the new feature branch to your work space:

    git checkout -b f_feature_name
  3. Make any needed changes and commit them to your feature branch

  4. Merge your changes back into the development branch:

    git checkout develop
  5. Check your current branch to verify your moved to the develop branch:

    git branch
  6. Merge items back into development branch:

    git merge `f_feature_name`
  7. Continue working on additional features. Once everything has been done for the Release from all participants perform the final merge and tag to Master.

Final Master tag and push

  1. As the final step, after all testing and script work is done, merge the development changes into the master branch and tag it for the Sprint:

    git checkout master
    git merge -m "Adding Feature X" develop
    git log --pretty=oneline
    git tag -a <feature_tag> commit_hash
    git push --tags